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Oct 5, 2008

Inner Spiritual Astrology

San Marino stamp with Scorpio sign glyph and constellation

R.S.W.Bobbette wrote in 1997 in her article Introductory Essays On Rudolf Steiner's Star-Knowledge that Steiner claimed

  1. That the 12 levels of consciousness were related to the 12 zodiacal signs.
  2. That the 12 zodiacal signs are characterized and drawn as the heavenly clock.

An example of Rudolf Steiner's 12 levels of consciousness is given in another article by Philosophy of Freedom where we see a diagram that attaches

Aries to Idealism

Taurus to Rationalism

Gemini to Mathematism

Cancer to Materialism

Leo to Sensationalism

Virgo to Phenomenalism

Scorpio to Dynamism [which explains the material world in terms of active forces, in contrast to the passive view of matter in philosophical mechanism]

Libra to Realism

Sagittarius to Monadism [of Gottfried Leibniz]

Capricorn to Spiritism [séances]

Aquarius to Pneumatism

Pisces to Psychism [The doctrine of Quesne]

The author of this article claims that the basis for his diagram is found in the fourth lecture of Human and Cosmic Thought where Rudolf Steiner speaks of an inner Spiritual Astrology.

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