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Sep 12, 2008

1961 Israeli Stamp

White Scorpio Sign on a pink background on a 27/02/1961 Israeli postage stamp. Designer: I Blaushild. On the tab we see all the zodiac signs. Picture is courtesy of Dobush from Kfar Aza, Israel. 

Joseph Jacobs and Judah David Eisenstein wrote the Jewish Encyclopedia entry "Zodiac", where they claim that Jews adopted  Babylonian names of the constellations 

Zodiac signs: Hebrew Names and Meanings

Aries- the word for ram in Hebrew is Ayil but the sign is called Tale, which means lamb.

Taurus – Shor, bull

Gemini- Teomim, twins (root: fitting(

Cancer- Sartan, Cancer

Leo- Aryeh, lion

Virgo – Betulah, virgin

Scorpio- Akrav, Scorpion

Libra- Moznayim, scales

Sagittarius- Keshet, bow

Capricorn – Gdi, young goat

Aquarius – Dli, bucket

Pisces – Dagim, fishes

Joseph Jacobs and Judah David Eisenstein quote Rabbis who tried to explain the origin of these names. 

Aries is a reminder of the 'Aáļģedah, Isaac representing the sacrificial lamb. 

Taurus  is a reminder of the calf which Abraham provided for the angels. 

Gemini represents Esau and Jacob, the twins. 

Cancer represents Moses, who was saved from water.

Leo represents the Temple named "Ariel",  "the lion of God".

They bring other sources where Rabbis explain that: 

Virgo is a symbol of marriage.

Libra weighs all the deeds of man.

Scorpio is punishment and  a symbol of hell. 

Sagittarius represents salvation. 

Aquarius represents purification. 

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