Scorpio Quote Of The Day

Sep 18, 2008

Scorpio Represents Punishment

Scorpio sign and gliph

(among the other signs and gliphs of the zodiac) 

on an Israeli stamp issued in 1961  

Picture was taken by Hayim Shtayer and the stamp belongs to his collection.

The stamp  was designed by I. Blaushild. 

According to Jewish tradition (Midrash Tanchumah, Ha'azinu chapter 1) man’s life passes through 12 stages like the sun’s passing through the 12 zodiacal signs:

Birth- Aries

Power- Taurus

Illusion: Gemini

Desire: Cancer

Desire grows: Leo

False innocence- Virgo

Judgment- Libra

Punishment: Scorpio

Repentance- Sagitarius

Purification-1: Capricorn

Purification-2: Aquarius

Completion: Pisces

Midrash Tanchumah is dated to the 6th century C.E.

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