Scorpio Quote Of The Day

Sep 16, 2008


Excerpt From a Poem by Manilius
(first century B.C.)
Translated by Thomas Creech and published in 1670


First Aries, glorious in his Golden Wool,

Looks back and wonders at the mighty Bull,

Whose back-parts first appear: He bending lies

With Threat'ning Head, and calls the Twins to rise,

They clasp for fear , and mutually embrace;

And next (to) the Twins with an unsteady pace

Bright Cancer rolls: then Leo shakes his mane:

And following Virgo calms his rage again:

Then Day and Night weigh'd in Libra's Scales,

Equal awhile, at last the Night prevails,

And longer grown the heavier scale inclines

And draws bright Scorpio from the Winter signs:

Him Centaur follows with an aiming Eye

His Bow full drawn and ready to let fly:

Next narrow Horns the twisted Caper shows,

And from Aquarius' Urn a Flood o'erflows.

Near their loved Waves cold Pisces take their seat,

With Aries join and make the round complete.

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