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Sep 18, 2008

Labor of the Month

Correlation between months and the signs of the zodiac was a popular theme in medieval art. Here we see Scorpio appearing on a detail from 1556 Kalender of Shepherdes characterizing the months through the typical works that were made during each one of them.

Picture is copied from Wikipedia entry: Image:The Wheel of the Occupations of the Months and the Zodiac.JPG uploaded by Peacay.

See the whole Kalender of Shepherdes on Flickr

January: feasting, giving new years' gifts

February: warming by the fire, cutting wood, taking cattle to the market

March: sowing and ploughing, trimming the vines

April: celebrating spring

May: courting and hunting

June harvesting

July: harvesting

August: gathering fruits from trees

September: harvesting grapes

October: sowing, storing wine (Scorpio)

November preparing for winter

December: killing the pig

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